A Daring Success - Expo Wrap 2020

Why did over 2000 people come to the Smart Building and Living Expo this year?  

Perhaps it was the beautiful weather but many locals came to catch up with friends while newcomers enjoyed talking with the 65 businesses and community groups involved in stalls and displays.

We were heartened by the response of the community who dared to come along on the day and who are showing great leadership in making change.

Well done to everyone and thank you to all those who contributed to the success of this great event. Please take the time to read the reports below and there are some ripper photos on our Facebook page!
Andrea Mason, Expo Director

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A big Thank You from the Expo Team to our Sponsors!

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A Really Big Thank You to the Expo Team

Andrea, Jill, Clare, Paul, Andrew, Sue, Steven, Jason, Janine, Liz, Belinda and Keith.

Also a big thank you to the volunteers who helped us set up, clean up and pack up
- your input is invaluable.

Thanks also to Stephanie for the photography and Buninyong Community Events Inc for the loan of equipment

The team from Buninyong Sustainability has run this expo for seven years and we take pride in hosting a great community event that is making a difference. Our message is simple – take the time to learn something new and make at least one change that can improve your living standards while helping the fight against climate change.

And we know that our message reached far more than those who came along on the day with our social media reaching over 23,000 people!

We loved this google review on the day –

“Strike rate of about 20% of things I am interested in which is very high for an expo.”

As it is across the globe, our young ones are leading the way and the Buninyong PS loved showing off the solar bikes and solar boats built by the students. The children's free activities - building and creating with Totally Treehouse, planting herbs, and face painting were a great drawcard, and children played happily while parents spent some time finding out about sustainable design, or building, or how to make compost!

There is a growing interest in reducing waste and making do with what we have. The Grampians Central West Waste & Resource Recovery Group Can Do Communities Hall ran with the theme of ‘Keeping it Local – in your home and in your community’, with demonstrations by Granny Skills guru, Rebecca Sullivan on a variety of easy to do, waste free activities for your home – from cleaners to preserves to re-use of textiles. Captain Compost was there to show people how to compost, look after their worm farm and start some seed saving in their garden.

A key feature - the electric vehicle displays once again drew lots of interest. Local Buninyong enthusiasts brought their own cars down for everyone to see. With the experts on charging stations on hand and the Nissan Leaf available locally, electric cars are becoming a viable option for more people – and they go faster than with greater torque than other cars!  

Once again, our many experts on designing, building and fitting out sustainable homes were overwhelmed by the level of interest. We know that going solar is one of the most effective ways of offsetting our energy use and the questions came thick and fast.

Some feedback from one of our exhibitors - “The crowds were good and lots of healthy discussion had around sustainability.  Well done to you all”.

The Expo has also proven that it is a great place for big ideas - four years ago we hatched a plan to bring an EV plug to Buninyong and this year the fledgling idea of a Carbon Neutral Buninyong was brought to the community for comment.

There were even more community groups demonstrating how they are doing their bit and showed how easy it can be. The interest and take up for these groups was stronger than ever. Doing something in your community might be as easy as helping or volunteering with boomerang bag groups, repair cafes, local food co-operatives, environmental groups or local litter clean ups.

Expo Director Andrea Mason said she was heartened by the response of the community who dared to come along on the day and who are showing great leadership in making change.

Photos can be seen on our Facebook page